Friday, May 28, 2010

Practise These Principles In All Our Affairs.

Al-Anon doesn't do me much good if I pick and choose where I'm going to put it into practise. Program works best when I embrace it wholeheartedly: give up my excuses, rationalisations, justifications,
and work to make the principles a part of my daily, hourly, life.

Am I kind enough? Am I honest enough? Forthright? Direct? Dependable? Relible?

When I'm making assumptions and judgements about another person's thinking, feelings, or motives, what is my motivation? Not kindness, I know that. Irritation and frustration can cause me to shift my thinking from an Al-Anon viewpoint to a selfish tunnel vision.

When I'm seized with an urge to be rude or dismissive, do I have sufficient self-control to recognise that urge for what it is, and step back long enough to understand that if I'm going to regret it, I do myself a favour if I choose another way?

If I want to receive it, I must be willing to give it. First, and with no expectations. I must be willing to hand over a huge chunk of loving kindness for no other reason than to give the tired stressed-out person in front of me, a gift I have received many times.

When I practise these principles in all my affairs, I feel light-hearted, joyful, and filled with hope.

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  1. I like that it is a program for living. That means in everything every day.