Friday, May 28, 2010

Becoming Socialised.

I've been feeling grateful to program lately, for having had such a profound effect upon me, that I've been able to make some friends here, after only a few months.

Before program, I wasn't socialised very well. I was fearful of new people, I didn't trust anyone as far as I could throw them, and being alone felt like the safest place for me. I was lonely, but didn't know how to break through my loneliness to extend or receive social invitations.

Al-Anon has given me a wealth of positive experiences with loving people, upon which to draw. I have a better self-image, so I'm sure I'm quite a bit more pleasant company than I once was, when I was so twisted up with taking myself seriously, and wallowing in martyrdom.

I like this line from the ODAT, page 148:

"I will not allow the good to make me complacent, nor will I allow the not good to drown me in despair."

That seems a pretty good recipe for a balanced, enjoyable companion, don't you think?

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  1. Good point as I feel much more sociable than before.