Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Nature of Acceptance.

When I set a limit of "first I need to understand, then I will accept"
I am playing fast and loose with my recovery. Acceptance doesn't work that way for me; I don't get the choice of accepting only after certain conditions are met.

True acceptance has to take place when I'm standing knee deep in whatever situation is trying my patience, testing my tolerance, and pushing my buttons.

I'm learning that my gratitude feeds my acceptance, and my acceptance refills my gratitude. It's a circle of letting go: stepping back far enough to let my Higher Power work without my interference: without me shoving my nose in, trying to give directions, or make demands that it be done to my satisfaction.

When I do my bit, and let go of the outcome, I feel peaceful and serene. I renew my faith by agreeing that I don't necessarily have the only recipe. There are a thousand ways to cook chicken, and have a delicious result - that's how my life works, also. My Higher Power has recipes I wouldn't invent in a million years.


  1. Hear, hear. Great post about surrender and letting go. If we understood everything, we wouldn't need to surrender. Terrific!

  2. Amen to letting go of the outcome. I think that acceptance is so important. I am better at it when I'm not in crisis mode.