Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is This A Hint, God?

Seemed like as soon as I made the decision to stop writing this blog, I immediately began to have an other-worldly sort of experience:  everywhere I turned, I was presented with another example of 12-Step blogs being a helpful resource.

(I kid you not, if I was reading a book and came across a description of my last couple of days, I'd roll my eyes and grumble about how unlikely it all was.)

My spouse came home from a meeting last night, energised, and talked about carrying the message: what a precious gift program is, and how we are fortunate as to be able to share it. He mentioned various ways of doing this, saying a newcomer had spoken about how grateful he was for recovery blogs, in the wee small hours of the night, when he's anxious, can't sleep, but isn't desperate enough to wake another member up when they have to work the next day. He said it was a way to feel connected to the program in a way that reading a book couldn't give him, in those hours.

That's just one example, there were so many I've lost count, talk about having the point rammed home - my Higher Power is well aware of what a stubborn creature I can be, so I guess figured I needed a forceful delivery.

A newcomer from my home group called to ask about something, and mentioned that she had been doing a lot of reading on recovery - conference approved literature, but also some 12-Step blogs. (I told you at the beginning of this that it was unbelievable.)

I sometimes listen to AA and Al-Anon speakers online when doing my yoga exercises, but haven't done it in a while. Tonight, I put one on, and what did this gentleman keep emphasising?

Carrying the message when we don't have the time or the energy.
Getting up off the real or metaphorical couch, and going to a meeting when we don't want to, because we might be the conduit that God needs to reach a struggling newcomer, or a long-time member who is stuck.

He spoke movingly about being of service when it's not comfortable or easy - doing it anyway. Doing it when we have a dozen good reasons as to why we could be excused this time - we're so busy, we're so tired....

I started to laugh, I couldn't help it. I felt like God was whacking me upside the head with His message, and was going to continue to do so, until I changed my mind. My reason for stopping was two-fold: a shortage of time, and sometimes finding myself sitting staring at the screen, trying to think of a topic.

Apparently, that's not sufficient reason.

My spouse came home this evening from their meeting, and was laughing as they came through the door, saying to me, "Guess what one of the topics was tonight?"

I looked up, and waited to hear. They said delightedly, "Being of service!"

I was sure they were making it up, but apparently not. I know this is probably partly the wierd thing that makes a certain phrase or car or color invisible to us until one event, and thereafter we see that same car or phrase everywhere, but still...

What do you think? How would you take this, if it were to happen to you? Chance co-incidence, or Higher Power?


  1. oh, I think it means you need to keep blogging. definitely.

  2. It seems to me it's an HP sign to keep blogging whenever so moved.

    Reading recovery blogs, yours high on the list, has been an enormous inspiration to me, especially at lonely times in my day/life. I speak out at meetings but moreso on my blog. I'm more comfortable writing than speaking. Writing makes it less difficult to speak. I spend 3 or 4 hours a week on my blog and consider it a service as well as healing for me.

  3. Hello, Cheryl,
    I've been reading and recommending your blog for months; so glad you're going to keep writing. When at meetings we have silences, I think they're a good thing--maybe also true of a blog? I'm in an artistic "silence" right now. Which maybe isn't "bad, " as I thought? Thank you for your service!

  4. I would take it as a message that my work is not yet done!

    Being grateful for my husband being sober, and for my finding al anon and a better way to live is why I continue to spread the word when I can.

    No pressure, no hard time line of a post a day ( I could never keep up with that!) but as often as the spirit hits me I will write about it or talk about it.

  5. Coincidence or Higher Power? That's not really a question you needed to ask, right?

  6. I think that Cat said it well...your work isn't done here yet. God likes to nudge us sometimes. Listen to the voice within Cheryl.

  7. Just glad you are back. Welcome. Keep coming back, as they always say at my meetings when they really mean 'because you haven't got it yet.' (Which I don't mean, but have to mention. Confusing, I know.)

  8. I think God is definitely using you as an instrument in his piece.