Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let It Begin With Me.

I was supremely self-absorbed when I came into Al-Anon - self-pitying, with a chip on my shoulder, and much resentment for my unmet needs. I was not a happy person. Even so, I wasn't in program for very long before another woman in my group began to call me to 'reason things out." Through doing this with her, I discovered a truth of 12-Step: we feel most satisfied and content when we are carrying this message to others. I would hang up the phone after having talked to her for almost an hour, with no mention of my own troubles, and I would feel uplifted and comforted, in some way I couldn't articulate.

I found this fascinating - all those hours of moaning and whinging I'd done in the past, had never given me relief the way a program call for someone else did.

I've come to believe this happens because my Higher Power is using me as a conduit for His will, and His wisdom. When I set aside my own opinions and attitudes, and open myself to another human being's need, God blasts through me like a high-pressure hose, scouring out all the grunge collected in the corners, and leaving me feeling clean, and at peace.

I love that feeling, and the only way to get it, is to Let It Begin With Me.


  1. Really good post. I'm finding similar things happening to me with my Al-Anon friends; it's one of the things I love about the program, the fellowship is priceless.

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  3. I like to be of service and enjoy sharing with my groups and my sponsees. I learn something from everyone I meet in the program.