Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keep An Open Mind.

One of the most powerful lessons Al-Anon has taught me, is that I can learn from anyone and everyone, if I keep an open, receptive frame of mind.

I came into program a hurt, defensive, judgemental, closed-minded person. I had very decided opinions and felt no hesitation about sharing them. I slotted people into categories, and judged them on a myriad of levels. I lived in fear, and always felt inadequate. I had to be attending meetings for quite a few years before it dawned on me how judgemental I was.

I will always be deeply grateful to my first sponsor for her ability to reflect back to me, in a loving manner, the less delightful of my characteristics. She did it in such a way that shame was avoided, and I could see myself as a project to improve, with the help of God, and Al-Anon.

When I keep an open mind, I'm not making snap judgements about how another person may look or act, and feeling comfortable about dismissing them because of it. I realise that my Higher Power speaks to me through everyone I meet, if I am paying attention.

When I keep an open mind, I'm not building a barricade of judgemental opinions between me and another human being.
I grew into adulthood finding other people terrifying, with their ability to hurt me - judging and condeming kept most of them at a safe distance. It wasn't until I began to attend Al-Anon meetings that I found people who would climb right over my barricades to give me a warm hug and tell me they loved me.

When I keep an open mind, I am extending that same loving warmth to other people - we share what we have been given.


  1. What a wonderful post -- I was reminded on a friend's blog to always remain teachable.

    So true. Having an open mind is also the key.

  2. Having an open mind has been one part of the key to a new life, to recovery for me. The other two parts are Honesty and Willingness.

    Thanks for the post.