Saturday, April 10, 2010

Relativity Isn't Just A Mathematical Concept.

I was reminded, by the story of a newcomer at my home group last night, just how fortunate I am, to live the life I have today.

That's another reason I continue to attend Al-Anon meetings - to remind myself of where I used to be, and to give newcomers a promise that "it works if you work it."

I may still have days when I just am not able to wrestle my mood back onto the rails, but I have to allow for that - I cannot do what isn't humanly possible. I have to forgive myself for those days, and also, not assign to them, too much weight. A less-than-wonderful day doesn't have to be a sinister indication that anything is wrong. A fretful state of mind can seem a portend of doom approaching, but only if I regard it with fear, rather than making allowances for these as occasional happenings.

When I get up the next day, and I'm feeling better - well, that's a blessing, and I'm also grateful for those who read my blog and leave encouraging comments.

I like this from today's reading in Hope for Today:

"Giving the program away is an affirmation that I have some program to give."

That's why these reminders are so helpful - I have a tendency to indulge in all-or-nothing thinking; and forget that where I am is vastly, marvellously, better than where I was.

The sun is shining again, so I'm going dog-walking.

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  1. It is so true that I am in a much better place than I ever was before. I am grateful to the program for that.