Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That Sounds Like Fun...

I discovered when we bought this house, that realtors seem to have magic cameras, which can make houses and yards look absolutely massive in the listing, and then when one tours the actual house, it turns out to be distinctly poky - I learned from that, to read the details of the listing, don't just look at the pretty pictures - read the fine print.

I've also been playing with Google Earth, using it as a way to get another look at houses. I've already had one surprise - a fully renovated, and updated ranch-style house cleverly photographed, so that the houses on either side weren't visible. On Google Earth, it looked a bit like a mini-dachshund squeezed in between two Great Danes - a ranch style house with two story monsters on either side. It's a fascinating indication of how much tweaking is possible, to make something look like that which it is not.

Today, I had a newcomer come over for a visit with me and my dogs - it was great fun. My little female sized her up instantly, and within 30 seconds, was up on her lap, and then in her arms, being cradled like a baby. She stayed there the entire time, which is a little unusual for her, she's still a bit hesitant with strangers. I think she felt the visitor's need for dog-love, so lavished that upon her, as dogs so willingly do, asking nothing in return. My other little dog did his bit, entertaining her with displays of his ferociousness when it comes to beating the dickens out of a stuffed toy. We laughed at the way he would come into the room with a different toy, and then stand and wait until he had our full attention, before commencing his performance.

I had wondered, as I drove over to pick her up, if we'd have trouble finding things to talk about, but that wasn't the case - she got into the car, we started to talk, and we didn't stop until I dropped her back off at home again, hours later. I really enjoyed her company, she's a hoot, and her love for animals is a beautiful sight.

I had a great day today, and I hope you all did, too. God Bless.

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  1. Google Earth is an awesome tool. Glad that the newcomer likes dogs. I think that people who like animals are special.