Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moments Of Connection.

Until recently, when I resigned because we're moving out of town, I worked as a volunteer for the last 8 years in the same place. The nature of this work was such that it has changed me greatly in some ways.

I have completely lost any shyness about approaching strangers. I can walk up to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and open a conversation. I will often find myself out in public, moved to speak to someone near me, and they will take the opportunity to pour out their feelings into my willing ear. I don't know how they recognise me as a safe person with whom they can share this, but they do. I used to be surprised when this happened, but now I just accept that this is part of my life.

At the airport yesterday, I felt moved to speak to a woman washing her hands in the sink next to me. She shared with me a sad situation which was happening in her life, and we spent a few minutes talking. We said goodbye, and went our different ways. I went back to stand at the Arrivals gate, thinking of the way my Higher Power offers me the precious gift of the trust of strangers, the chance to engage and perhaps offer some small comfort, and how humbling this is. I feel that what is happening isn't about me at all - it's about God working through me. I'm touched on a deep personal level when this happens, and never lose the sense of wonder at the way two  strangers can connect on a strong emotional level, if both people are open, and willing to take the chance.

I learned that in 12-Step. I learned that through sharing, and listening to other people's sharings, at meetings.

I have gone from feeling like a misfit and an outcast, to this place in my life - that is the miracle, and the blessing, of Al-Anon.

I'll leave you today with a great picture - our friend is in the shower right now, singing at the top of his lungs, and sitting outside the bathroom door, singing along at the top of his lungs, is our little male dog.


  1. What a wonderful share! And so true...


  2. A kind word can make such a difference to someone. I know it's helped me many a time.
    Our little Pugs like to howl with joy when any of us come home from work. We let them in the bathroom when we shower and they lay right outside the tub and wait. If we don't let them in the bathroom they lay outside the door and try to look under it. They are so cute. Pure love in action.

  3. I have found that I open up to people much more now. I like the idea of the little dog howling at singing in the shower. Funny!