Friday, December 11, 2009

Old Friends.

Tomorrow we're off to collect a long-time friend from the airport - he's out here visiting family, and is taking a short side trip, for a one-night stay with us. We've talked to him regularly on the phone, and via email, during the 6 or so years since he moved away, but this will be the first time we've had the chance to see him. I'm excited, he's a wonderful person; stubborn and loving, witty and kind-hearted.

He once helped my spouse do some renovation work on a place we owned. I'd be working by myself in another room, and couldn't help but laugh, listening to the two of them. They would alternate between impassioned arguments over the proper way to install whatever it was, and uncontrollable laughing fits.

I once told them that when they were arguing, they sounded like an old married couple. In perfect unison, they each said quickly, "I'm the man!"

I can't think of this friend without smiling - I'm grateful to be given the gift of a visit from him.

Tonight, I'm feeling very tired from all the driving around, running around, phone calls, paperwork, etc, involved in selling this house. I'm on autopilot, and actually drifted off while sitting at my computer, with my little dog warm on my lap. I closed my eyes "for a moment," and jolted awake a minute or so later. Being this tired makes me worry less - I can't bring myself to expend energy I don't have, on things I cannot change. So in that way, plodding along through a miasma of fatigue can be a positive.
Keeps me in the moment, rather than having to say "God grant me serenity," I'm yawning hugely, and repeating a different mantra: "Oh, I'm so tired..."

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  1. Yes, there are times when I am just too tired to worry and simply need peaceful sleep. I feel a bit that way tonight and am just glad to be home.