Saturday, December 19, 2009

Changes, con't.

Yesterday we signed papers on the closing of this house. I'll be a little sad to leave it, as this has been a great house to live in, but I'm excited to be moving back to the city; I've missed it. I'm not someone who has ever liked living in small towns. I know many people do, but I'm a city girl at heart. The city we are moving to is not large, it's small by some standards, but it's big enough to offer the conveniences and opportunities not available in our present locale. It's a harbour city - beautiful, with many large parks and recreation areas, and lots of greenery even in the built-up areas.
I'm feeling calm about the move, and ready to go. I've wanted this ever since we first moved out of the city because of my partner's work - we went where we were sent, but I have always wished we didn't have to go . People who love small towns just can't understand why anyone would prefer the city - over and over I've heard, "But the traffic!"

I learned how to drive in city traffic in rush hour, my very first lesson. The instructor took me out right into the heat and noise and rush of it, and when I said in fear and trembling, "Can't I start on a quieter street?" replied firmly that this is what I was going to be exposed to, so I'd better get used to it, and learn how to deal with it. Because of him, city traffic has never intimidated me, whether I'm in small cities, or major centres with what a small-town friend describes as "sixteen lanes of traffic going in forty-five directions."

I've lived away from the city for about 14 years now, and always wanted to be back, and soon, I will be. I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had in the two small towns where we've lived, and for the people I've met there. But I am also deeply grateful to be going home.


  1. HP inspired decisions always work out better for me..funny thing :-D I am one of those small town lovers who grew up in Jefferson City Missouri. I loved the city and now we are in a town of 2500 only 30 minutes from Raleigh/Durham. I have the best of both. I hope the transition for you is a smooth one1


  2. wow, it all seems to have happened so fast! It would take months to sell a house in my area... I like the mid size towns....I like to be close to neighbors and stores yet I like to see cows and horses grazing in the fields....

  3. It sounds good Cheryl. I think that people find their "habitat" and sometimes it varies with what stage of life we are in. My "habitat" right now is the country and I love it.