Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post Before The Move.

This is it - my last day in this house - tomorrow, the city! We're both giddy with excitement, the house is a maze of boxes, and there's still some work to be done, so this will be a short post.

I will be offline until the 3rd, when my ip has promised hookup in the new place; as soon as I've got internet, I'll check in. (I hadn't anticipated, when I started this blog, the sense of community I feel with the recovery world online.)

My spouse was joking last night that the dogs have the right idea of how to go about a move - walk around the boxes instead of complaining that they're in the way, don't let the fact that almost everything is packed away stop you from having a good wrestle with your favourite toy, and never miss a chance for a nap.

From the ODAT, page 366:

"Again I resolve to live the coming year One Day At A Time, easing myself of the burdens of the past and the uncertainties of the future. Whatever may come, I will meet it with a serene mind."


  1. Best wishes on your adventure. We'll be right there alongside. I look forward to hearing your impressions of your new home.

  2. A new home, a new decade. How lovely. Good luck. Happy New Year. I look forward to your dispatches from your new vantage point.

  3. If we don't hear from you on the 3rd, I'm going to send in the rescue dogs :-D May you have a peaceful move and may the giddyness continue into your New Year and New Home.


  4. God bless your move and your new home. We'll be waiting till you are back on-line.

    Oh how I love Al-Anon. It is a life-saver. The principles of the program and my sponsor saved this New Year's Eve day for me. It made it possible to truly celebrate.

    Love and best wishes.

  5. Happy new year and best wishes to you in your move.

  6. Good luck! I love the comment about the dogs. They are a good model to follow.