Monday, December 21, 2009


It's our wedding anniversary today, and my spouse always gives me a pair of earrings, a custom started way back when, in a time when money was very tight, but they wanted to mark the occasion with a gift of some sort. The earrings have ranged from beautiful to hilarious - this year it was the latter.  I opened the package and gave a great shout of delight - they know me so well after our years together. Their gift from me was also a rousing success, so that was fun, too.

We have the ability to make each other laugh, and that has never faltered, through good times and bad, financial struggles and times of plenty. I treasure that.

I pray that whenever I begin to be caught up in taking their inventory, God will turn my focus to my own shortcomings.


  1. How wonderful! How bout a pic of the earrings? He sounds like a keeper..


  2. He sounds like a great fellow. I appreciate laughter a lot. Happy Anniversary!