Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spiritual Awakening

What does this feel like? Look like? A speaker stated that they could see a new light in the eyes of those who had experienced a spiritual awakening.
For myself, and those I sponsor, I notice a change in thinking. We climb, with much effort, from the old ruts in our thinking, and once we have reached level ground, are astonished to find the perspective so altered. And then, once we've realised that our perspective can be changed in this way, we are never again able to believe the voices in our head to be the one and only voice of truth. We question our thinking on a continual basis, and the more we do this, the further we go in our understanding of how in error we can be.

I found it mind-boggling, the first time this happened to me - I spent hours with my sponsor, learning how not to berate myself for having been so blind. She was very firm on this point, told me that the desire to castigate myself was counter-productive, since if I bashed myself with sufficient force, I'd end up so miserable as a result of my new understanding, that I'd refuse to move another step, and would retreat back to the safety of my co-dependent cave of self. With her help, I began to understand the ways in which my own thinking had kept me trapped.

Each time I have been granted a new level of understanding, my joy in living has intensified, my tolerance has increased, my love for others, and myself,  has grown.

I can recall, years back, when moving was a fearsome hassle, and I'd be grouchy and bad-tempered and exhausted throughout the process. Over time it has grown to be fun, becase I'm doing it with my Higher Power right beside me, and I have no fear. Yesterday I spent the day phoning around getting utilities changed; I used to hate this part of a move. Nowadays, it's just another thing task on my to-do list, and I take delight in making the customer service people laugh - really laugh, and to thank them with true gratitude for their help - when I do this, I can hear in their voices that it has registered, and feels good.

I have changed so much in my view of life, and my attitudes.This wonderful program has given me a life I would not have believed possible, and my gratitude can bring tears to my eyes, it's so overwhelming and powerful.

I pray that you will feel this love and peace of the program today.


  1. Thank you for the share. "Each time I have been granted a new level of understanding, my joy in living has intensified, my tolerance has increased, my love for others, and myself, has grown." Beautiful said my friend.

  2. Good for you! I have climbed out of the ruts too although...I can end up right back there without so much as a blink of the eye. Just for today I am... OK.

  3. I too can see spiritual recovery in the faces of those in my meetings. I so wanted that for a long time. Now, I know what it feels like on most days. Glad that you are moving forward in this life.