Saturday, September 3, 2011

Offline For a Few Days.

I'll be back as soon as the phone hookup is complete, allegedly this will be on the 6th, but who knows?

I was just over at the new place, wandering around enjoying the sunlight pouring into the rooms, while my husband was painting the wall which the previous people had painted a rather, um... exhilarating shade of green. It's now a lovely shade of pale creamy brown - like chocolate milk.

Later, he took a break from painting, and we went out onto the deck, leaning over the railing to watch a fawn, which had come in through a loose slat on the back fence, and was wandering around looking for something good to eat. We talked a bit, and then fell into a companionable silence, enjoying the sun, and life in general.

I love this house, and the peaceful area - 3 blocks from the beach - that's how it goes, when we turn it all over to our Higher Power, and let him work it out for us.

Life is good, and I'm content. I'll be back here soon. Take care.


  1. It does sound great. Glad that you found a place near the beach and that has wildlife!