Friday, August 12, 2011

Respect - From Others, And For Ourselves.

I've been having some staggering realisations in the last while, and they've been transforming the way I see myself.

When I allow another person to define me, I am limiting my choices. Family members (and partners) may have a vested interest in my remaining in the category or space, into which, they've mentally placed me.

I have only this one life. I want to live it fully.

My vista of possibilities increases with a wider perspective. How do I attain a wider perspective? By praying, listening, learning, and being open to hearing what's being said to me by those I trust. This most recent realisation came when I was out walking, and trying to honestly examine a fear of which I'd become aware. It was so stunning a recognition, it tilted my entire worldview, and that tilt has acted like a wide angle lens for viewing my life.

I've started asking those whose counsel I respect, for their viewpoints, and have received strongly positive responses. I can feel the power of my dream pushing me along, and I can feel myself evolving. (One aspect of blogging, is that one has to try to write about one's life happenings while not giving out too much information - so one occasionally ends up with this sort of post, which says not much, while trying to say everything)

I pray for courage, wisdom, patience, and clarity.

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  1. I think that awareness of our thoughts is a huge aspect of recovery. Happy Friday to you!