Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keep An Open Mind.

I can learn from anyone, if I am sufficiently open-minded. I can see the beauty, hear the wisdom, and learn from each person around the table in the rooms of Al-Anon, if I am willing to let go of all the ways in which my culture and upbringing taught me to judge.

I've reached a stage in my recovery where most of the beliefs and attitudes I brought with me when I first came into program, have slipped away. There are attitudes that I've had to lose completely, before I could gain understanding of the way they limited my growth.

Others, it has had to be my choice each and every time, to put this down, let this go. I may have had to begin that choosing by using one hand to pry the other hand open, before I could let go the first few times, then I could let them go unwillingly, but under the guidance of my sponsor, then I am more willing to try when I see they are self-defeating. The last stage before losing that attitude forever, is the same sort of instant letting go that happens when I grasp the handle of a pot on the stove, and find it too hot for bare skin - a reflex, done so quickly I don't have time to think about it.

And then, one lovely day, I realise that I truly, in my heart and soul, don't believe that anymore - my Higher Power has set me free. But I had to be willing, first.


  1. I think that willingness is a key, if not cornerstone, to recovery. No more stings I hope?

  2. I like your first sentence, I think that is so true. There is much to learn from those that are different from ourselves.