Sunday, April 5, 2009

What, I Don't Need My Full Body Armour For This?

Out yesterday looking for a vehicle to replace mine - I'd seen a "pre-owned" (love those euphemisms) I was interested in the day before, came home, researched it, found out the blue book value, the blue book on mine for a trade-in, and went back the next day when the lot was open.

I was all ready to do battle, I was prepared. Only there was no battle. The price they offered for mine was reasonable, the price they asked for theirs was reasonable, and the entire negotiation was conducted amidst uncontrollable laughter. For some reason, we were all on the top of our game with witty banter, and there were a few times when we were all laughing so hard we were wiping our eyes and gasping for breath.

It was the most fun I've ever had, car shopping. I attribute this to 12-step. I researched, did my part, then turned it over. And because I turned it over to my Higher Power, I was relaxed, and accepting. I wasn't feeling as if I had to defend myself against rapacious car salesmen out to empty my pockets. I could see them as guys doing a job. I didn't have that hostile aggressive attitude, which allowed them to relax, and be who they were. I had no expectations. I'd spent most of the day playing in my garden, I'd walked the dogs with a good friend; I was bursting with the joy of living.
It's magical, the way life can be, if we work this program. We can begin to relax and be open to enjoyment in areas that used to rank right up there, as the highest stressors in our lives.

When I let go of the outcome, I'm continually impressed and amazed at how well life turns out. My Higher Power works my life out in ways that I could never have imagined possible, and He does it with such grace and beauty.

I'm feeling grateful today. And, it's sunny again. What more could anyone ask for?

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  1. If I keep my expectations from mounting, then things generally go well. Glad that it worked out with the "pre-owned". You've got a great blog here. You may get more people to follow it, if you follow their blogs too. Just a suggestion.