Thursday, April 2, 2009

Serenity Snippets

That rather cutesy phrase was coined by a program friend, to describe those moments when life offers us a reality check about how far we've come in Al-Anon. I had a serenity snippet today - went to meet a friend for our weekly lunch. She's coming from work, and doesn't always get away right on time, so I am usually there ahead of her. Today, I was talking to the waitress about the wierd weather we've been having, and a lady at the next table joined in with a funny comment. The waitress went off to deal with other customers, and this customer and I had a wonderful time entertaining each other with stories about weather, and a wide-ranging conversation about everything from what makes marriage work on a long-term basis, to the price of gas. (You're familiar with those sorts of conversations - later on, you think, how did we get onto that subject, anyway?)

She finally said she had to be going, and when I asked her for the time, we'd been happily talking for an hour. I realised that either my friend or I had gotten the day wrong, whatever, I'd find out tonight at the Al-Anon meeting.

Before program, I'd never have been able to enjoy that encounter with a complete stranger to that extent, I'd have been antsy, impatient, worrying, and quite possibly, feeling insulted or rejected by my friend's non-appearance.

Today, I take life much more "as it comes," and if I'm offered pleasure from a different source, I accept it gratefully, and have a nice splash around in it.

The customer and I agreed that we'd had great fun together, and parted smiling and happy.

That's my serenity snippet for today.

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  1. It's nice to not feel like I have to be somewhere else when I meet someone I find interesting. It's a reason that I enjoy my evening meetings. Then if I want to chat, I can, rather than having to get back to work.