Thursday, April 30, 2009


From Hope For Today, page 121:

"The Serenity Prayer leads me toward harmony with myself - which is what serenity means to me."

I love that. I have always been deeply affected by music, so I like that metaphor. Serenity as harmony, rather than the discordant sounds of obsessive thinking, co-dependent logic, resentment, and frustration, all vying for supremacy in a disordered mind - banging away like a toddler with a wooden spoon whaling on a pot. It's noise, but it sure isn't music!

Serenity is like a beautiful violin solo; evoking emotion, yet calming, and deeply satisfying. I have only to choose to listen to it - that harmony is available to me any time, any place, under any circumstances. God is always with me.

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  1. I suffer from "monkey mind" often. I am sometimes blessed enough to come into the present and breathe.Then God speaks. jeNN