Friday, April 29, 2011

A Few Thoughts.

If I can't admit to my own faults, I won't grow. If I don't grow, I can't change the way I move through the world. Acceptance of my frailties sets me up to hear the lessons I need.

Learning to say what I need to say, respectfully, calmly, and with love, is a blessing not only for the way I feel when I choose this way to relate to another, but for the wonders of response I receive.

When I decide that someone "always" or "never," I'm keeping the two of us in a box of judgement and labelling. There's a good possibility that I get the result I do, more because of who I am, than because of who they are.

Our culture seems to stress financial success above all else, but when we judge someone for their appearance/the car they drive/the place they live, we are cutting ourselves off from the possibility of  "finding a diamond in a paper bag."


  1. I like this. I try not to judge but I know that I do....

  2. It is a great thing about the program, being less judgmental. And being aware when I am.

  3. I need to learn to admit my own faults - but it's hard, because I tend to consider every fault I have to be a sign of being a total failure. I realize this is unrealistic and I know it's because my parents used to freak out over every little mistake like it was the end of the world. But somehow it's very hard to get past how ingrained that is in my psyche. But being able to write about it here is a good reminder for me. Everybody makes mistakes, so it's ok if I do sometimes, too. Nobody was born perfect.