Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Listening For God's Will.

From the ODAT, page 294:

"I may be ready to submit to God's guidance, I may humbly ask for it, but along with being willing I must coperate by doing my part. If I am truly receptive, He will make His will known to me step by step, each day, but I must carry it out.

Sometimes, I've asked for God's guidance, and been completely unwilling to hear the reply, because it may have been the opposite of what I'd hoped for. Al-Anon has taught me that if I fight my Higher Power's will, I invite frustration and misery into my life.

My ex used to play a game with his girls, where he'd gently put his hand on their chests, stretch his (rather long) arm to full extension, and then hold them out there, while they gamely tried with all their strength to push themselves closer. This game was always played with much wild giggling laughter - they just loved it, and would ask, "Daddy let's play the arm game!"

I've had times in my life where I feel like I've been out at the end of God's arm, being gently held back from whatever it was. But I wasn't laughing, and I wasn't enjoying myself; I was furiously sullen and resentful. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it, and if life didn't go my way, I was a terrible sulker.

Al-Anon has taught me surrender to God's will, but it has also taught me to listen carefully for His guidance as to the work He wants me to do, to achieve my goal. He will help, but He isn't going to do it for me, while I lie around peeling grapes and giving orders.

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  1. Yes, I agree--I have to do something to help myself. My prayer when I was a child was "God, please help me to help myself to do better and be better." I still need to take action in my recovery, all the while knowing that my HP is with me on the journey.