Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If I'm Tired Enough, I Don't Worry.

One of the selling features for me with this house, was the incredible amount of natural light - each room has big windows on at least two walls. Even on the grayest of days, it's light inside. I've always loved that about it, but it makes window washing a day-long chore. Between that, and laundering window treatments, I'm feeling done in tonight. For some reason, I feel compelled to get this prep work done as quickly as possible.  It must be my Higher Power's nudging.

I read in the ODAT today about being aware of my finer qualities, as well as my shortcomings. I like that. Too much dwelling on what I don't like about myself, puts me into a negative frame of mind. An Al-Anon friend says: "What we feed, grows." I feel this is very true for me. If I feed negativity and self-dislike, I encourage it to grow from a small sprout, to an invasive plant, which sends out tendrils everywhere, tangling itself into all aspects of my daily life, and becoming more stubborn and resistant to uprooting.

Concentrating upon my shortcomings was habitual for me, for very many years. It has been no small task to try to shift my point of reference to a more pleasant view of myself. Habit prevails; let me work to achieve a habit of positivity.

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  1. I agree that if I think positive thoughts then I am much more serene and treat others well. I don't want to embrace my character defects and pray for their removal.