Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tradition Ten

"The Al-Anon Family Groups have no opinion on outside issues; hence our name never be drawn into public controversy."

I love this Tradition, it makes it possible for us to be safely together in the meeting rooms regardless of our opinions on the rest of life. We don't discuss outside issues, so we don't suffer from the strife caused by differences between us. We concentrate on that which we have in common - our struggle with alcoholism, and the insanity which results.

Because Al-Anon has no public opinions, we attract anyone and everyone, regardless of their religion, political beliefs, or philosophy of life. We open our arms to all who are in need.


  1. If it weren't for this tradition, there might be a lot of people who would never find recovery. And that could be a death sentence.

    Thanks for this blog,

  2. I like this too. I wish that each group would remember this tradition because I've seen it maimed and cast aside in some. Thanks for writing about the traditions.