Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've had what feels like another major leap forward in my recovery a few days ago, and at first, it left me feeling that what I was doing with this blog was just another form of talking too much, so I had decided to shut it down and delete it.

Today, while out in my garden, I was thinking about this, and asking for guidance, because apart from a momentary relief immediately after I made the first decision, I wasn't feeling like I'd made the right choice. On the contrary, it was niggling away at me, feeling almost like a service obligation I'd taken on, and was now trying to weasel out of.

I decided to go with "When in doubt, don't!" for the time being, and re-evaluate this periodically. I know that I have some recovery blogs which are very meaningful for me to read, and I keep them on my Favourites List, and read them every morning for my 12-Step input to start my day. Perhaps in time I will serve that same function for someone else. That needs to be enough.

I'm trying to be more aware of the messages I get from my Higher Power; they don't always arrive with great fanfare - often, they are spoken in a "still, small voice."

Hope you all had the glorious weather we did this weekend - at one point I went out to find both dogs belly-up under the mock orange bush, snoring a duet.


  1. You can never fully know how much you have touched a person. But please understand that your posts have been a lifeline to me daily as I uncover the effects of alcohol in my life and recover through Alanon. Thank you so much for your insight, guidance and deep lessons about the program.

  2. Your blog has been an inspiration to me and helps me understand more fully how the program works, how I work with the program. I think you write well and that your thoughts are clear and concise. I know your viewpoint helps uncomplicate things for me. I hope you'll keep on bloggin'

  3. I hope that you will keep the blog and keep posting. My sponsor told me that what I write is service work. And that it helps others. This is like a journal for me. All the recovery blogs help. Keep on doing what you are doing.