Saturday, August 22, 2009

Perspective - Will This Be Funny Later?

We were out with the dogs last night, returning from a long walk on a beautiful evening. Walking towards us were two young teenage girls with a golden retriever - since every one of these dogs I've ever met has had a lovely gentle nature, I didn't cross to the other side of the busy street we were walking along. We met at a side street, and we began to cross, as they tried to turn right. Their dog was having none of it, she sat down and refused to move, and was staring fixedly at us, while they pulled and tugged on the leash, and exhorted her to move.

Then suddenly, she slipped her collar, and making straight for us, attacked our little female dog, who is all of 10 pounds. The attacker leapt upon her and took hold and would not be dislodged, while our dog screamed and snarled and writhed and peed in terror. I tried to grab her, while my companion grabbed for the other dog. No collar to take hold of, and grabbing skin had no effect - they tried pushing and hitting - nothing. They finally resorted to two controlled kicks, and that got her loose, so I could scoop up my little dog, still peeing, and clutch her in my arms.

The entire time this was happening, cars were whizzing by in the other lane - my fear was that the dogs would move sideways just enough to be hit. A 10-pound dog isn't likely to survive being hit by a car - I was terrified that I was going to see her killed right before my eyes, while I still had her on leash, and the leash around my wrist.

Once I had her safely in my arms, my fear turned to fury - I was livid, and spoke sharply to the girls, suggesting that they not walk the dog in future without the precaution of a collar she couldn't slip, and a muzzle.

My dog was unhurt, but covered in saliva, dirt, and dog urine. I also was covered in patches of dog urine, which believe me, is not a perfume you'd wish to be wearing - very strong. Even my sandals were wet with it - gak.

Once safely home and bathed, we were discussing it. I hadn't even realised they'd kicked the attacking dog; I was completely focussed on what I was doing. We asked each other the perspective question I like to use, when talking about this sort of thing - "Will this be funny later?" We agreed that the dog pee bit would be, so that was enough for us to be able to let go of the incident, and resume having a good evening.

I'm so grateful for Al-Anon - without it, I'd have been furious all night and perhaps for part of the next day - I'd have ranted and fumed. Because of the wise teachings of this program, I could try to find humour in the incident, and then Let It Go.

I sat on the couch later in the evening with my little dog asleep on my lap, and thanked God for keeping her safe. She's a comedian, my little one, and very dear to me.


  1. What a frightening thing to happen. Thank God it turned out well in the end - your dogs and you all safe and sound.


  2. A dog fight is a terrible thing to witness. I'm glad that your little dog is okay.