Friday, January 30, 2015

New Lumps

As I'd expected, the new lumps are cancerous. So it's back onto chemotherapy, and hope that the new regime shrinks these lumps, in the same way that the first six months of chemo shrank the original small tumours. I go for another CT scan to see if it's metastasized to any of my major organs, and I'll keep you posted as to the news.

On another subject, it's a stunning day today, sunny and mild and beautiful. A glorious day in which to be alive. I'm going to put in some sewing work on the new coat I'm making for myself, and pray for guidance, comfort, strength and hope.

Where there's life, there's hope. A simple truth. I am so grateful for all of my friends,  my brother and sister, and for my beloved Robert. One day last week, I was fed up and weeping, and he made a remark which made me burst into helpless laughter. What a man. And what an enormous gift he is in my life. A treasure, and the best thing that has ever happened to me, he is.

I'm feeling grateful for all of my blessings, and for the delicious sunshine.


  1. It's such a gift to be able to be grateful. It's so easy to look at the problems that loom and feel dread. I am in awe of your attitude and strive to learn from it. Meanwhile, if you don't mind, I will keep you in my prayers for healing and strength♥

  2. I take comfort from your strength in the face of this health adversity. I am sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Our prayers are with you....

  4. My heart sank when I read this, and then you lifted me! I'm grateful too that you have Robert, what a blessing.
    My prayers for healing and courage continue.