Friday, October 19, 2012

Changed Attitudes - HIndsight

At one time in my recovery, I'd have said that hindsight is extremely useful - all those realisations not possible any other way. But now, I see it more as turning once again to mine the past, trying to gain wisdom there, working and living not in this day, today, but stepping back to add shame to our ignorance or innocence.

We can't know what we don't know.

 No amount of self-belittling now, will change our inability as human beings, to gaze into the future and make sound decisions as a result of what we see gathered there.

I must let go of my younger self's not being able to see past the love and infatuation of a new marrage.
No amount of shame ladelled upon my head at this age, will change a molecule of the choices the younger me went on to make. Allow them. Be at peace with them. Be at peace with her. Lift up my eyes from this vantage point, and feel gratitude for the love and care with which I am surrounded.

I have only to ask, and I will find my pathway swept and marked for me, and loving companions with whom to walk.. But first, I must turn my face from the past, let go of furture outcomes, and live in this day, fully.

I've learned not to consider rain a personal affront, but to dress for it. So much of life can be lived in this way.


  1. great post. feeling grateful for where I am today even with my past mistakes. love the rain comment.

  2. As my recovering alcoholic ex used to say, "Quit trying to make the past a better place to live." Sometimes he knew things, that one, thanks to the program. :) Hope you have a good weekend--

  3. Letting go of future outcomes - a huge lesson for me.
    I am attached to a certain outcome most of the time.
    The program has given me a new way to look at my life.
    Sometimes I can see another way briefly...

  4. Lowering expectations and not living in the past or the future. It is a huge thing. Thanks!

  5. Past and future thinking are dangerous places for me. Never imagined I would be here, was so blind and so fooled.