Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happiness Is An Inside Job - I Give It To Myself.

A reader asked: "How do I find gratitude, when I don't feel any?"

I'd bring this back to the basics of life - is there food in your fridge? Do you have a roof over your head, a bed with enough blankets, or a comforter, to keep you warm and safe as you sleep? Do you have untainted water to drink?   Start there. Start as far back as required in the basic needs of life, and push gratitude.

By "push" I mean, remind yourself. Don't listen to the nattering, tv-fed mind, which never stops insisting  that if only you had the latest app, your life would be a different thing entirely. That's not reality, it's advertising.

Reality is that feeling in your chest, when you look into the eyes of another Al-Anon member and what you see is loving acceptance of the same person with whom you've completely lost patience - you.


  1. For someone who has been having writer's block, you have given me some profound thoughts to ponder in these last 2 posts. May you continue to be blessed with courage, strength and healing in this new chapter of life.

    I can't seem to post my comment well with the choices in the drop-down menu, but will sign off here as FloridaLizzie, who is thankful for your blog!

  2. As a practical suggestion, your reader could also make gratitude lists every night. I did this for about two years (and still return to it when I start to feel impoverished or graspy). Five things or ten things for which you feel grateful. I usually added an extra one: I'm alive. Hugs to you both—

  3. I have more than enough! I am grateful.