Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Company.

I was just wandering around tidying up a bit, (the realtor is holding an open house tomorrow, and I can't seem to stop cleaning) thinking about how I used to hate having people over when I was married to my ex: guests meant noise, excess drinking, arguments, possible breakages, and the next morning, a house that would look like a crash pad - empty cigarette packets and fast food boxes, full ashtrays, and beer cans dotting every surface. The house would stink of beer and smoke. I'd find cigarettes put out in my house plants, burns on countertops and other furniture - it was dreadful. And I did dread it. The partying would continue long into the night, while I'd be locked in the master bedroom, trying to get enough sleep not to be a danger to myself or others at work the next day.

Now, I look forward to having company, especially program people. I know the conversation will enlighten and entertain me, we will be courteous and respectful of each other, we will share our experience strength and hope, and best of all, we will laugh until we can't see straight. And all without one drop of a mood altering substance, just decaff coffee and homemade peanut butter cookies.

God has been good to me; He's granted me many blessings. The company of 12-Step people is just one of them.


  1. My ex and his family were nocturnal so I would go to bed and read. Luckily I could not hear them from my room....

  2. A state of full contentment. That's a beautiful thing.