Friday, April 12, 2013

A silly joke.

I heard this today on an AA speaker tape, and thought I'd share it:

A doctor discovered how to transplant the human brain successfully, and one of his patients, an elderly man, was asking about a possible transplant. So the doctor showed him the brain of a lawyer, and said, "That's $20,000, and this brain from a doctor is $50,000 - oh, and I've got one over here from an alcoholic, and that one is $100,000."

The old man was confused, and asked the doctor, "The lawyer's brain is $20,000, and the doctor's brain is $50,000, but you're charging $100,000 for an alcoholic's brain?"

The doctor replied, "Well, of course, the one from the alcoholic has never been used!"


  1. You are so bad. It is unused because the Al-Anon in there life wouldn't let them use it. She or he can think for the both of them.

    1. Your comment made me laugh almost as much as the joke itself - so, so true!

  2. A good joke! I heard that on the Joe and Charlie tapes a while ago. It still makes me laugh. And Grace's comment is a great addition.