Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When someone I love (dog or person) is ill, it strips away most of the fluffery of daily life. Not only does it become meaningless, but I can experience difficulty recalling who I was were when I once cared about it, (and most likely, will again, although in a changed and leaner fashion.) It's possible to have moments of wonder that the world is carrying on around me, while my sense of it is shaking and rocking like a vase on a rickety end table.

Life can be good even as it's painful.  I don't see it all as simply as I once did, and that complexity creates a more satisfying life, even when my heart is aching for the suffering of those I love.


  1. I'm sorry if things are rough now. I too find myself flat today and not really sure of what to do. I do know that there is a solution. And life can still be good even if the painful or sad moments are there.

  2. It's called a wake-up call when it is so clear what life is really about...a bitter sweet reminder. Take care

  3. Rough patches are never going away... for me it is getting a little easier to take the difficult times and use them as an opportunity to learn something new either about myself or the world around me. Sending you positive thoughts.