Saturday, September 18, 2010

When To Stop Talking, Get Up, And Go For A Walk.

Even when it's drizzling slightly. The dogs don't care, they'll accompany me anytime. I've always loved that about dogs - they don't say, "Ohhh, I don't know, I'm tired, and it's sort of cold out, and my toe is bugging me.." They leap to the front door, mill around attempting to be first in line for the collar and leash attaching, and hurry me up with energetic and enthusiastic nosepokes to my leg.

I had to go for an extra walk tonight, it was the only way to maintain my serenity in the face of some determined provocation.
We went out into the cool night, and as I stepped from the driveway onto the street, I sighed with relief.

Just getting away from the stress and tension of working to keep myself calm, working to detach from the behaviors, working to relax, and pray for guidance - it felt good. I was grateful that Al-Anon has taught me how to self-soothe in these ways. I was glad that I hadn't given way to irritation or anger, that I'd remained calm and courteous.

A small satisfaction, but those small victories over my character defects build up to a life lived with dignity and kindness, regardless of how someone else is behaving.

So it goes.

Two of my favourite bloggers have lost their much-loved animals this week - I thought of that tonight, as I wandered along in silent communion with my canine convey, grateful for their non-judgemental, comforting companionship. Seems I've spent many tears this week, and I can accept that, as just a place I'm in right now. It's not forever - this too shall pass. I'm feeling rather dispirited tonight, but I can start again tomorrow.


  1. Working to detach with love this is an action that I am using myself this weekend.
    To detach and let go let god

  2. I'm glad you have such a companion. We all need sources of nonjudgmental love (furry pets).

    I hope you find yourself in better spirits today.

  3. Good for you. I'm glad you found a way to help you return to peace and self-acceptance.

    I read recently the phrase, " The whole of human history has produced few saints so...". That gave me a giggle and helped me to relax and ease up on myself when dealing with my alcoholic.

  4. Ahh...if we could just be more like our animals. Thanks for your kind words. They helped more than I can convey in writing. Dogs are so non-judgmental and loving. They teach me.