Friday, July 10, 2009

Soup Of The Day.

I find it interesting, the way my Higher Power seems to balance out blows to my ego, with warm encouragement. It reminds me of the way an old friend made soup - she'd be bent over with her head in the fridge, asking me, "Should I put some _____ into it?" I'd invariably reply, "It's your soup. You choose the ingredients; I'm not being blamed later for the fact that the lettuce wasn't a good idea!" It was one of those silly little rituals we both enjoyed.

Some days, I feel like my Higher Power is thinking - "Hmm, should I throw some of this into her day? Ahh, why not!' and in it goes.
"Little dash of this? Sure!"
"What's in this container? I think that's still good, what the heck, huck it in!"

And the flavour of my day is changing with each addition. Some taste wonderful, and go down easily, others, well, they could have stood being chopped a bit smaller, and still others, like cooked lettuce, one gulps and swallows, shuddering as it goes down, hoping it won't make a reappearance, and that it was a really minor ingredient.

My "soup" of the day can be anything from a cream of potato type of day - bland, no surprises, just comforting routine,
to mystery meat surprise: where I'm not positive I even recognise all of the ingredients, and some I know I've never tried before, but I work to keep an open mind.

I'm grateful to my Higher Power for giving me a day, and for not serving me the same soup every day - makes life challenging, and interesting. (And occasionally, gross.)


  1. And every once in a while, my Higher Power throws something "really BIG" into the soup. (And I think, "Is it too big to handle"?)

    Maybe He is watching to see just how well I can use all He has given me so far to deal with this BIG thing.


  2. Good analogy. I think that God puts a lot of ingredients in the soup.