Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Are My Options?

I always have choices.

I may not like any of them.

Some days, the choice I make is more choosing the least objectionable option than the most delightful, because the list of choices contains nothing I want. On occasion, that's life. Maturity involves accepting that truth, and making the best of it. Grumbling and protest, uses up energy and time better spent in working to accept that least objectionable option, detaching from it, and moving on with my day.

That's also a choice. It's ok to give myself a short period of time in which to state my dislike about having options which don't appeal to me in any way, but it's counter-productive for me to indulge myself in extended complaint.

Say what I think - to myself, a friend, my Higher Power, and then move on. Let go, and continue to believe that I am safe. Recognise that we all have times in which we are given only options we dislike; I'm not being singled out for this. The world isn't punishing me, it's like housecleaning - there comes a time when I have to dust the blinds, unless I want them to have a strange furry appearance. Dusting the blinds is a royal pain, and I don't want to do it.

Some days, my life choices and working my program is much like dusting the blinds - one slat at a time, until - that's finished, and I can move on.

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  1. Some days are just a struggle. And then the fog will clear so that I can see that my solution is in Steps 1-3. Those are the main steps for me.