Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Days Saunter Along...

...and some go like a Ferrari on the Autobahn. Today has been one of the latter, as evidenced by the fact that I'm just getting to this, at almost 4:30pm.

It was gloriously sunny and mild today - that in itself, is enough to put me in a good mood. After 14 years of living in places where the sun is an infrequent visitor, and the drip of precipitation can be the loudest sound, being able to go out and stand in sunshine, is a pleasure beyond words to describe. Crunching and sliding over stones on the beach, dogs beside us, and the ferry slowly pulling away from the dock on the opposite side of the harbour - all these are additions to my gratitude list, which seems pages long today.

I love days where I find myself smiling happily over nothing, and everything. My meeting is tonight, and I'm anticipating that. When I have my Al-Anon filter in place, I see challenges, rather than barriers. I see opportunities instead of tests. I see life, love, and people in a peaceful, wholehearted, energetic and enthusiastic way. I feel that all my efforts are rewarded, in my ability to live comfortably within my own head.

I feel generous and open-minded, and I count my blessings. I have so many. They're always there; it's my ability to see them that is dependant upon my state of mind. Some days, it's as though I'm unable to stop squinting in dissatisfaction, so all that is visible is a blur through my eyelashes, and it's too easy to begin muttering my discontent.

Recovery is work. At times, it's damnably hard, sweaty, uncomfortable work. Whether or not I can recognise it at the time, I reap the reward either way.


  1. Gratitude breeds Serenity. Simply. And yes, for me, when I am serene, the world is a bright, abundant, loving place. It's only my attitude that changes. Great post.

    have a lovely weekend..


  2. I like having the Al-Anon filter in place. It is the title for your blog which makes so much sense for the way that I see the world.