Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Thank You

To all of you who've written, thank you from the depths of my heart: it means so much to know that my blog has been of some use.

Today we spent some time in the warm sun, out in our rooftop garden, listening to bird song. I felt the blessing of all the people who have expressed their caring, and for the humour and steadfast love of my wonderful ,beautiful Robert.

I'm feeling stronger each day, and trying just to allow life " to flow day by day with God's ease, balance, and grace." (From Survival to Recovery - Growing up in an Alcoholic Home Pages 269-270)
Bless you all, I'll try to write again soon,


  1. Good to hear from you. I'm happy that you are allowing life to give to you. Thank you for loving us enough to share your life. Every life is unique and important.

  2. Your blog has been a fantastic help to me, and even now you are still giving, thankyou.

  3. Thanks for writing again. I felt very shaken to read your last post, and am sorry you are going through this. Your blog has given me so much courage and direction at the time I needed it most. May God give you courage and direction and every bit of help you need at this surreal time. All of us feel like we know you, and some of us feel like we have lived your story. Will continue to pray for you and Robert to have all that you need, especially hope.

    1. Thank you Floridalizzie for this post. It expresses exactly what I am feeling for our dear blog friend.

  4. Sitting in the sun is so relaxing hope you got some good energy from it's rays.

  5. I hope that you will have many more days of sitting in the sun. Please let us know how you are doing.