Monday, December 10, 2012

Your Body Is Trying To Get Your Attention.

When I was last at my doctor, we were discussing sleep, and getting, or not getting, enough. What is enough? Enough for me, is an amount that allows me to awaken naturally, rather than being blasted out of sleep with the alarm. When the alarm wakens me, I feel instant resistance, I don't want to get up. Even if I've set it the night before so that I may meet my obligations, and even as I'm getting out of bed, I'm thinking to myself that I hate getting up early.

It's all to do with feeling forced. When I awaken naturally, I feel as though I've had enough sleep. When the alarm pushes its way into my brain and brings me forcibly to the surface, to wakefulness, my entire system revolts. I try to get up at the same time every day to keep some structure in my life, but that requires retiring to bed the night before, sufficiently early that I will sleep long enough to do so.

When my normal system is interrupted, it's always because I'm struggling with something which interferes with my serenity to such a point that I cannot go to sleep.

My body is always the first sentinel warning me of lapses in my serenity. I get vague headaches, and my eating habits slide, and all because of my mental state. When I ignore these changes in my usual habits, I ignore myself.

My body is the temple of my spirit, and as such, it deserves respect.


  1. Sleep is important for me as I age sleep patterns are changing. I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier never thought this would happen.
    Learning to read my body's messages is part of self care, today I am able to feel more - as they say more is revealed.
    Holidays can sure screw up my sleep....

  2. I have felt a bit anxious this week. Maybe all the stuff going on in the world and maybe all the Christmas happenings as well. But I know that this is temporary. I read before bed and that seems to be the best thing for falling asleep.

  3. So posting at 245 says much of it. Obsessed with my spiraling addict. Know I can't control but still wondering what I can do. What happens if waiting for bottom is waiting too long.
    Meanwhile I thnk about all the signs I missed and if I knew sooner what could have been done,
    Not helpful for sleep. By myself in the middle of the night, I can think and think and think. A dangerous place to be and not helpful for sleep

  4. I often awake at 2:00 am with an active mind full of thoughts about my current problems and tribulations. I have found that meditation helps control my thoughts, calm my mind and help me sleep. At least it is better for me than Ambien....

  5. I myself hate being jolted awake by an alarm. It doesn't matter if its 5am or 9am. If my body doesn't wish to wake up my day can be hard to get through. I haven't gotten up as early as 6am on my own and felt find all day. I truely believe it is because I my body got myself up. Satruday's are my only true day of rest I seem to get (and sometimes obligations have me forced awake on that day too). The rest of the week I have to force myself out of bed at 5am everyday. I wish there was a way I could get myself up naturally.

    Sleep is so precious to ones state of mind as well. When I am tired all day I just don't care and don't want to put effort into anything. I am extra irrtable and am lazy wiht my program.