Friday, May 6, 2011

The Pleasure of Laughter.

Last night we went to a show by Derek Edwards  - he was hysterical. I laughed so hard my face and stomach hurt by the time the show was over, and we giggled all the way home in the car. I'm still remembering bits today, and laughing. Derek writes "observational humour" -  the funny side of everyday life.

I like to laugh, and I like to make other people laugh. It can be hard for fellow Al-Anon members to imagine the person I describe myself to be before the wonders of 12-Step changed me: furious, resentful, sullen. I can have a hard time remembering that I was that person, but when I do look back, I am swept with a gratitude so powerful it brings a lump to my throat, and the sting of tears to my eyes.

I am who I am today, able to enjoy life, and spread joy in life, only because of this program of recovery and growth. I was fortunate to be sufficiently desperate when I came into Al-Anon, to be willing to work the Steps. I didn't always like it, and I was easily offended, stubborn, and a prickly sort of person, but some desire for change kept me plodding forward, towards a goal I didn't fully understand, but knew I wanted.

Most of us have had the rather strange experience as newcomers, of sitting in meetings, hearing the entire group erupt in laughter over a member's description of happenings in their life, and we've wondered, "What's funny about that?"

We begin to see the humour, when we are able to detach a bit from our own feelings. When I take myself too seriously, I'm less able to learn from my mistakes, because I'm too embarassed by them.

From the ODAT, page 164:

"I'll cultivate a knack for recognising and enjoying humorous moments."


  1. You know you are better when the laughter comes back. When you live your life putting out fires it is hard to relate laughter in meetings.

    I haven't been as jolly lately as I like to be but even alone watching TV I regularly burst out loud laughing. Just being human can be really funny sometimes. God is probably laughing all the time.

  2. I love it when I can enjoy laughter as it happens and then again in the memory of it. Thanks for sharing how important humor is.

  3. I enjoy being able to laugh at myself and this absurd world I live in.

  4. I love to laugh, too. I feel I always had a sense of humor, even before Alanon, but lately I've been angry about a lot of stuff, so I appreciate the reminder of how beneficial humor has been in my life.

  5. Laughter is a good cure for just about anything. I didn't feel like laughing when I first came to Al-Anon but now we all regularly have humor in meetings. It is a good thing.