Monday, May 16, 2011

I Want It Now! Or Sooner.

One aspect of running a business which I've always found interesting, are those who call and want us to start "immediately." It's the nature of this business that the only people who can start "right away," are the ones to whom you wouldn't want to trust the contract.

A lot of life is about waiting, and what do I do while I wait? Fume and pace, or find another way to occupy my time? It's my choice.

If I remark to my husband that something seems to be taking an awfully long time, his stock reply is a question: "Perhaps your Higher Power is teaching you patience?"

The first thousand times he asked that, I felt a mild annoyance with him. Over the years, it has become one of those little private jokes between two people - he doesn't have say it aloud anymore, he can just turn to me, raise one eyebrow, and I'll start to laugh.

It's evolved from a reply which provoked irritation, to a comforting reminder that life is working out as it is meant to, and I don't need to be champing at the bit, I can find something else to do while I wait. I often find that when I look back afterwards, I realise that if I'd gotten my desire at the moment I'd desired it, I'd have missed out on something which could only have happened if I was able to demonstrate patience, by waiting without complaint.

I don't know about patience being a virtue, but it does contribute to my serenity.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I so needed to hear this. I am trying to start a business, and trying to raise funds to do it. It is definitely not happening as fast as I want it to. I also just got told that payment for a freelance job I'm doing is going to be delayed a week. And I just had a temper tantrum in the Admissions Office of the school I applied to, because my application and financial aid form hasn't been processed yet, for summer school that starts Monday. Part of my problem is I am low on money, and behind on bills and rent. This is definitely cause for concern, but I am doing all the footwork I can think of to solve that problem, and praying for guidance about what to do, and what to let go of, also. For the moment I have enough to live on though, and have made arrangements to pay my rent and bills late. I wonder if I'm not meant to go to school this summer - I'm praying for guidance about that, too. It's tough to stay in the present moment and not worry how things will turn out. But being able to do that might bring me more serenity.

  2. It contributes to mine as well. I can be patient at times and then it will leave me when I am dealing with the alcoholic. Thanks for writing about one of my defects today.