Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh, Cry Me A River!

Every now and then, usually when I'm sick, or feeling exhausted,  I'm a whiny ball of self-pity and victimhood. I've felt like that off and on today - I'm sick. (I haven't been sick in the winter very often since I quit smoking 14 years ago - so seldom, in fact, that now when I do get sick, I feel outraged - how's that for rational thinking?)

I was lying on the couch earlier today, feeling victimised by my body - how dare it do this to me, I just had food poisoning not that long ago, and now I'm sick?

I was contemplating crawling back to bed, when a show came on featuring a guy with serious physical challenges - he was amazing; cheerful, and dismissive of his physical problems, saying, "I've got a job, a wife, and a son, what have I got to complain about?"

That put my little bout with the flu into sharp perspective. I love these little whacks upside the head - they make me laugh out loud, because they are so unsubtle. Feeling sorry for myself because I'm sick? How would I like to have only one leg?


  1. There's normally someone worse off than ourselves

  2. Great post. Oh cry me a river. made me smile.

  3. watched the show about the separated conjoined twins??? Me too...and I had the very same is all about attitude, isn't it...

    We are on the same wavelength :-D


  4. I think about the people in Haiti and none of my problems seem significant.