Friday, June 1, 2012

More Than We Can Handle

This week has pushed me to my emotional limits. I've discovered that I'm stronger than I thought, have more courage than I'd have given myself credit for, and there are areas of my life philosophy which need rethinking.

I'm feeling very tired now, and until the situation resolves itself, I'm going to continue to be tired. I believe that friendship carries certain obligations, and I take them seriously - sometimes the greatest gift that we can give a friend is just to sit with them as they experience the pain and tragedies of life. We can't ease them, we can't fix them, all we can do is give the comfort of our time, freely shared.

I'm really having to work my program so as not to be taken over by the fear that when my friend is released from hospital in a few days, he will do himself further harm. That's beyond my control. I cannot make him want to live after his life partner has died.

I keep catching myself worrying about this. I stop, take a moment's pause, then ask my Higher Power to remove my fear,  grant me peace and serenity.


  1. I value my friends, the few close ones I have. But I know, as you wrote here, that I am powerless over their decisions. I have to let them go, lest I try to force my will on them. I hope that your friend will realize that hope is important and time does help. There is much to live for.

  2. I am practicing my program with a close friend. Lately I notice my suggestions are more and more about what she should be doing. She is bottoming out in Alanon and doesn't want to go to meetings.
    Minding my own business and keeping the focus on myself is my intention today. I do pray for her and myself that we can find peace and serenity.

  3. So true good friends who can just sit and listen to a griving person is healing for them yet I was not been able to find that consulation. I wish back during my times of losses of loved ones, I went to a grief support group. Now I see many hospitals run grief support groups. I know the weight of a heavy heart andt is terrible to stay stuck with grief alone.